This guide aims to help our partners consider additional and effective approaches to building and maintaining authentic and mutually beneficial relationships with BIPOC and ALAANA organizations.

Hello, we’re Americans for the Arts. We are committed to addressing equity and inclusion as a critical component of the Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 study (AEP6).

we address equity and inclusion by:


Centering and representing BIPOC and ALAANA identifying communities — a portion of the nonprofit arts and culture sector that has been underrepresented in past studies. This change is more than simply responding to a priority.


Transforming the AEP6 study: a full shake-up of the methodology to reduce systemic bias in survey design, data collection and analysis, community engagement and communications strategies, and the creation of new narratives based on the study results.


Our digital workbook is part of a series of Americans for the Arts community engagement resources intended to help local and statewide research partners identify, connect with, and maintain relationships with BIPOC and ALAANA arts and culture organizations in their community. It is a result of research, practitioner experience, and community engagement with our local and statewide research partners.

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